Flexible Fabric Spreader


LC series spreader is suitable for problem free spreading of most fabrics including high-stretch, delicate, light-weight and/or slippery

  • Synchronised fabric roll cradle with quick roll change design to minimise downtime
  • Optical edge alignment (+/- 2 mm accuracy)
  • Advanced automation with PLC unit and touch-screen controls
  • Automatic spreading with multiple Marker settings
  • Accurate length measurement with encoder system
  • Automatic cutting at the end of each lay
  • Practical Cutting Tool with face-to-face bars
  • Silent and vibration-free operation
  • Operator platform
  • +/-5 mm accuracy at lay ends depending on fabric type
  • Automatic tension control and adjustment combined with manual override adjustment to enable relaxation or tightness
  • Mechanical and electronic mechanisms for minimising creases on the lay
  • Face-to-face or tubular fabric spreading tools (Optional)
  • Spreading from folded fabric stack (Optional)
  • 360 degree rotating turn-table cradle for spreading of napped fabric (Optional)(LC-T117 Model)
  • Technical Specifications – LC117
    Maximum Fabric Width Maximum Fabric Roll Diameter Maximum Fabric Weight 160 cm
    190 cm
    210 cm
    240 cm
    40 cm 100 kg
    Maximum Fabric Height Maximum Spreading Speed Machine Width Machine Length 20-25 cm 120 m/min 135 cm 270 cm
    300 cm
    320 cm
    350 cm
    Machine Height Machine Weight Electricity 143 cm 180 kg
    200 kg
    220 kg
    240 kg
    220 VAC
    50 Hz
    3.0 Kw

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