Fabric Spreading Machines

LC117-elastic fabric

LC118-home textile

ST100-semi auto

DN315-heavy fabric

TB50-tubular fabric


An easy to operate spreader suitable for non-stretch or semi-stretch, open-width fabrics

  • Optical edge alignment (+/- 2 mm accuracy)
  • Automatic spreading with multiple Marker settings
  • Accurate length measurement with encoder system
  • Automatic cutting at the end of each lay
  • Silent and vibration-free operation
  • Operator platform
  • +/-5 mm accuracy at lay ends depending on fabric type
  • Mechanical clutch mechanism for practical tension adjustment
  • Practical Cutting Tool with face-to-face bars
  • Mechanisms for reducing the creases on fabric
  • Face to face or tubular fabric spreading tools (Optional)
  • Technical Specifications – ST100
    Maximum Fabric Width Maximum Fabric Roll Diameter Maximum Fabric
    160 cm
    190 cm
    220 cm
    250 cm
    70 cm 80 kg
    Maximum Fabric Height Maximum
    Spreading Speed
    Machine Width Machine Length 20-25 cm 90 m/min 130 cm 270 cm
    300 cm
    330 cm
    360 cm
    Machine Height Machine Weight Electricity 160 cm 180 kg
    200 kg
    230 kg
    250 kg
    220 VAC
    50 Hz
    3.0 Kw

    Tubular Spreading Attachment

    Flat-Folded Fabric Spreading

    Face-to-Face Spreading
    Detailed Information Form
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