Fabric Spreading Machines
For tubular fabric

LC117-elastic fabric

LC118-home textile

ST100-semi auto

DN315-heavy fabric

TB50-tubular fabric


A popular spreader suitable for effıcient spreading of tubular fabrics from a roll or stack.

  • Advanced automation with PLC unit
  • Automatic spreading with Marker settings
  • Accurate length measurement with encoder system
  • Silent and vibration-free operation
  • Operator platform
  • +/-5 mm accuracy at lay ends depending on fabric type
  • Mechanical clutch mechanism for practical tension adjustment
  • Illuminated screen to show the faults on back face of the fabric Quarter Turn tool for body size spreading (Optional)
  • Technical Specifications – TB50
    Maximum Fabric Width Maximum Fabric Weight Maximum Fabric Height 150 cm 50 kg 21 cm
    Maximum Spreading Speed Machine Width Machine Length 90 m/min 140 cm 240 cm
    Machine Height Machine Weight Electricity 180 cm 150 kg 220 VAC
    50 Hz
    3.0 Kw

    (Body Size)
    Detailed Information Form
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