Heavy-Duty Roll Fabric Inspection Machine

  • Extra strong frame construction for working with heavy rolls of up to 300 kg
  • Roll-to-roll operation
  • Surface Drive System (SDS) that prevents the stretch due to roll diameter changes during rewinding and unwinding
  • True Tension Control (TTC) is possible through speed difference adjustment between the unwind and the rewind units with individual motors
  • Operator Tension Adjustment (OTA) feature allows the relaxed rewinding of high stretch Lyrca fabrics
  • Long-life rubber coating on unwind and rewind rollers
  • Top and bottom light boxes with two level settings
  • Strong frame construction for long life and vibration-free operation
  • Length programmable
  • Roll-end optical sensor
  • Motorised Cross-Cutting device to produce rolls at pre-programmed lengths (Optional)
  • Optical edge alignment to produce rolls with straight edges
  • Electronic Data Integration System (EDIS)

  • Touch screen and PLC Unit
  • Fault logging, reporting to USB
    • 10 different fault types can be pre-programmed
    • Up to 100 fault records per roll
    • Output csv file to usb stick
    • xls converter software
  • Ethernet connection to company network (Optional)
  • Technical Specifications – KKONDNM
    Maximum Fabric Width Maximum Fabric Roll Diameter Maximum Fabric Weight 160 cm

    300 cm
    50 cm 300 kg
    Maximum Speed Machine Width Machine Length 60 m/min 175 cm Fabric Width
    +90 cm
    Machine Height Machine Weight Electricity 190 cm 580 kg

    700 kg
    220 VAC
    50 Hz

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